In the summer of 2012, my boyfriend Mike and I decided to move out of our apartment in the trendy location of Pentagon City, located just across the street from the Pentagon. The primary reason for us moving was simple - they didn’t allow dogs. 

We moved into a new apartment just 20 minutes down the road in Fairfax, the second weekend of June. On that Friday (when we finally got the keys), we had a home interview scheduled that evening with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue – the rescue that we found our soon-to-be pup, named Little Laura. It was probably the easiest home interview for this Lucky Dog volunteer, as our apartment literally had nothing in it – just the walls and echoes of an empty space. I think we had only been in the apartment for about 5 minutes before he arrived! 

That Saturday, it was a mad dash to move in! With the help of friends and family, we managed to move everything to the new apartment by late afternoon, and I was determined to have everything unpacked, set-up, and even decorated by the end of the night (including wall art)! My boyfriend thought I was crazy. But I couldn’t help it, because I wanted our new home to be perfect – because we were bringing our new pup home, the very next day! I wanted her to have the best home waiting, just for her. 

Yes, it was a very long night – to the point that coffee no longer helped! But we managed to get a few hours of sleep, and was on the road by 11 am the following morning. The adoption event was held in Rockville, Maryland, about 30 minutes away from where I grew up. 

We finally arrived to the shopping center, parked our car, and all I remember was that my heart was pounding incredibly fast – wow, the moment was finally here!!! Mike and I had waited so long to finally adopt a dog, and here it was. As we walked up towards the Petsmart (where the adoption event was being held), my eyes immediately started scanning the entire area, looking for one thing, and one thing only - a little tan dog. For the first couple minutes, we didn’t have much luck. The adoption event was huge – there were so many pups! So Mike and I went our separate ways to continue our search. 

AND then…it happened. As I walked towards the outskirt of the event, I caught a glimpse of a little tan dog ear, peeking out from behind a concrete pillar that was attached to the overhang of the building. Heart thumping. Is that her??? I walked closer towards this ear, and I could slowly see more and more of the dog attached to it. Finally I was close enough that I could see a little tan dog with the perkiest and most velvety looking ears, sitting on a girl’s lap. Just like that, a 17 lb puppy, that I knew very little about, and who I had only laid eyes on for about a second, had the power to make me fall in love.

Before even asking the girl, I already knew this was Little Laura, despite the funny fact that she didn’t even look much like her photos online! I approached the girl and asked “Is this Little Laura?” and she replied yes with a big smile. I really wish I could describe more about this moment, but I was too busy floating on cloud nine. I remember Mike finally finding his way towards us, and telling him the words – “this is her”. A huge smile grew across his face, and in that moment, I knew that he fell for her, too. 

Whenever I meet someone who says they don’t believe in love at first sight, I always think… they’ve never rescued a dog.


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