ZoZo's Paw | Brand Ambassador Program FAQs

Hello again!  It's official - you're a ZoZo's Paw (ZP) Brand Ambassador (BA)!  We know as you settle into your new role, that you might have some questions along the way!  Here is a handy guide that provides answers to some of the most common questions that we receive from our newest BAs.  


How do I get featured?


We love seeing our BAs rocking their ZP gear, and enjoy sharing your pics on our Instagram, website, and/or email campaigns! 


We look for high-quality images that are taken in good lighting, align with our aesthetic, and highlight our products well (typically we are looking to feature our newest/most current products). Please don't forget to tag us in your ZP-related posts, otherwise we might miss it!  


Please note that we only consider photos that are located under our "Tagged Photos" tab on Instagram. We kindly request to refrain from sending photos through email or DM, as it can be difficult for us to track receiving photos in this way.  


By tagging us in your photos on Instagram, you are giving us rights to use your photo(s) for marketing and advertising purposes on Instagram and/or our website. All photos reshared on our Instagram will always include photo credit.


We also love resharing your Instagram Stories featuring our products! In an effort to remain neutral to all of our BAs, we do give priority to Stories that omit coupon codes and/or we may cover up any coupon codes that may be in your Story when we reshare.


Do I get free products?


Yes!  As outlined under the 'Perks' of the Program (ZP Brand Ambassador Program), a BA is eligible for one free tie-on bandana or toy when their coupon code is used 10 times. This also includes orders that you place using the code with an order value of $25 or more. To see how many times your coupon code has been used, please send an email to bark@zozospaw.com. 


You can also earn free products by earning Paw Points.  Refer to our Rewards Program for more details.


Also, there may be chances to win free products as part of our Weekly and Monthly Perk events - see details below.


Please note, free products are not eligible for return or exchange.


What are the Weekly and Monthly Perks?


As a BA in our Program, you will have access to fun weekly and monthly perks throughout your term – to win store credit (Paw Points) and/or freebies!


When we have a fun perk taking place, all BAs will be notified beforehand via email. Please ensure that the email address that we have on file for you is the best point of contact and that you check it regularly to stay in the loop!


Please note, only BAs that meet the minimum requirements of the Program will be eligible.


What are Paw Points?


During your Term, a BA has the opportunity to earn 'Paw Points' that can be redeemed for store credit by taking part in our weekly and monthly Perks, as well as by placing personal orders on our website.


Paw Points are tracked in our Rewards Program on our website. To receive Paw Points, a BA is required to create an account in our Rewards Program.


Once you have created your account, please email us at bark@zozospaw.com to confirm the account was created and to provide the email used to create the account. This ensures we give any earned Paw Points to the right person. 


If a BA participates in a Perk to earn Paw Points but does not have a Rewards Program account at the time, the BA will automatically forfeit any Paw Points from all Perks that took place prior to an account being created. 


Having a Rewards Program account allows a BA to view their Paw Point balance at any time!  All Paw Points earned from Perks and orders that you place on our website will show up here. It will also allow you to redeem them on future orders at any time, as applicable.  


Paw Points do not expire and are eligible for use even after a BA's Term has ended. 


How long is my BA Term?


Your BA role will last for three months. At the time of joining our program, we will provide you with your Term End Date.


We do reserve the right to remove a BA before their Term End Date due to inactivity within our program, an inability to meet the requirements of the role, and/or misrepresentation of our brand. Termination may occur with or without written notice.


What if I want to continue being a BA after three months?


We would love that!  Any BA that has fulfilled their role requirements for their current term is eligible to renew for another Term. Simply send a renewal request to bark@zozospaw.com two weeks prior to your Term End Date. 


If you have any other questions, please let us know by sending an email to bark@zozospaw.com.  Thanks again for being a part the ZP community!