• THE ALOHA - Dog Tie-On Bandana

THE ALOHA - Dog Tie-On Bandana


Our Dog Tie-on Bandana features a double-layered, triangle design that combines adjustability with a neat and clean appearance.  This dog bandana comes with a contrasting trim to provide a modern flair. The length of your pup’s bandana can be easily adjusted by rolling down the neckline to the desired length, and securing in place with a double-knot. 

Dog Tie-On Bandana Size Information

We offer a variety of sizing options to ensure a better fit for your pup's Dog Tie-on Bandana!  If your dog has a lot of fluff, consider going up one size.  For example, a pup with a neck circumference of 16" that is really fluffy or has really thick fur, we recommend a size Large.

  • Extra Small: Fits 8"-10" neck 
  • Small: Fits 11"-13" neck
  • Medium: Fits 14"-16" neck
  • Large: Fits 17"-18" neck
  • Extra Large: Fits 19"-20" neck
  • Jumbo: Fits 21"-22" neck