ZoZo's Paw | Brand Ambassador Program

Welcome!  We are excited to have you join the ZoZo's Paw (ZP) community as a Brand Ambassador (BA).  Below, you will find additional details about our BA Program, including a little background, the requirements, and of course, everyone's favorite, the perks!  


Our Program focuses on community and building connections with the pups on our team!  We do not require a BA to make a certain number of posts promoting our brand, make a minimum number of sales per month, or spend a certain amount in our shop to remain in the Program.  


Instead, we focus on the social experience that comes from having a community of like-minded pups with similar interests, including a love for our brand, its products, and missions.  


The main requirement of our Program is to have fun engaging with us on Instagram!  Not only does it help out our small business in meaningful ways, but it's also cost-free, easy, and accessible to everyone. This allows our Program to be more inclusive, a goal that is important to our brand.  


The best candidates for our program are pups that are active daily on Instagram and genuinely want to be a part of our growing community! 


When initially coming on board, your term will last for three months.   



+  A 10% coupon code for you and your followers, family, and friends 

+  Fun Perk events throughout your term for chances to win freebies and store credit 

+  A chance to be featured on our website, Instagram, and/or email campaigns

+  Automatically earn store credit for every personal order that you place on our website 

+  Receive a free tie-on bandana or toy of choice for every 10 orders placed using your coupon code. This also includes orders that you place using the code with an order value of $25 or more.

+   Have access to our monthly/holiday events that provide opportunities to build connections with other BAs within the Program

+   Receive Early Access to our seasonal product launches



+  Spread the word about ZP and share your coupon code 

+  Engage with us on Instagram – must “like” at least 3 posts per week (within 24 hours of that post going up). This let's us know that you're keeping up with our brand!*


* Because our program has very few requirements, this minimum requirement must be met to remain in the program, be eligible for Perks and monthly/holiday events, and to have the option to renew for another Term. 


Although leaving comments under our posts are not required, we do welcome and look forward to comments because it gives us a chance to connect and learn more about you (i.e., what types of products you enjoy seeing, your feedback to questions we may ask in posts, etc.)! 


We focus on engaging with our Instagram posts because it's a great way to stay up-to-date on all the exciting news, including new products, seasonal launches, and giveaways. It also helps us build a connection with you, so we can share in your pup's adventures, too!