ZoZo's Paw | Brand Ambassador Program (Perks Plus)

Hello to our BAs! 

Please note the new changes to our Brand Ambassador Program below, effective as of 1/12/23!

All requirements of the program will remain the same, however there are some changes to our Perks as outlined below.


+  A 15% personal discount code

+  A 10% coupon code for you and your followers, family, and friends 

+  Fun Perk events for chances to win freebies and store credit (aka Paw Points)

+  A chance to be featured on our website, Instagram, and/or email campaigns

+  Automatically earn store credit for every 'personal' order that you place on our website (through our Rewards Program)

+  Receive a free tie-on bandana or toy of choice for every 8 orders placed using your coupon code. This also includes orders that you place using your personal code with an order value of $50 or more (total after discount has been applied). See below to learn more*

+   Have access to our monthly/holiday events that provide opportunities to build connections with other BAs within the Program

+   Receive Early Access to our seasonal product launches


To see how many times your coupon code has been used, please send an email to the Program Coordinator at bark@zozospaw.com to confirm if you have met the minimum for this Perk and for the next steps to receive your free tie-on bandana or toy!