• THE BEAU - Dog Flannel Fray Bandana
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THE BEAU - Dog Flannel Fray Bandana


The perfect dog bandana for the trendy pup!  Our fray dog bandanas are custom-made to fit your pup’s specific neck size, featuring our snap design that eliminates the need to tie knots! Simply roll down the bandana neckline at least once (to provide a better fit around your pup’s neck).  Roll down an additional 1-2 times (or as needed) to adjust to the desired length, and snap into place!  Each bandana features two different snap settings, to allow for some adjustability in the neck area.  

Dog Fray Bandana Size Information

To obtain an accurate neck measurement for your pup, please review the Fray Bandana Measurement Guide (included as a picture under this listing).  Select your pup's neck circumference from the drop down menu.