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8 Fun Valentine's Day Activities To Do With Your Dog

Written by Ginelle Testa


Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love, and what better to do than spend the day doing fun activities with your dog? We’ve got eight ideas for quality time with your best friend. You love them, and I’m sure they show you nothing but unconditional love! They’re worth celebrating.

1. Craft pawsitive memories

My Dog’s Name has various ideas for crafting with your four-legged friend. Some fun ones are making paw print flowers, personalized pawprint pendants, or an upcycled dog treats jar. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest-worthy to be great! Break out your crafty side and pay homage to your pup.

2. Have a puppy playdate

What’s better than seeing your loved ones and letting your dogs hang out?! Call up someone and see if they want to have a puppy play date. If you don’t have any friends or family with pets, you can hit up a local dog park and let your pooch make friends that way. They’ll thank you for the social time and may even be up for a quiet nap afterward.

Two dogs running

3. Bake some sweet treats

Pet-friendly recipes for homemade dog treats only require a few ingredients. Check out this recipe made of bananas, oats, and peanut butter. It can be fun and relaxing to bake, and your dog will reap the benefits! Your doggo will likely be happy even if your treats don’t come out perfectly, so no worries if you’re not an experienced baker.

4. Do a themed photoshoot

Wouldn’t it be nice to capture the moment with your furry friend? You can get creative with items around your house, like a red blanket or towel, or splurge and buy some props! Set the scene for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot, take pictures of your dog, or set your self-timer and hop in there yourself. You’ll have photos to cherish for years to come.

Dog surrounded by flowers

5. Have a movie & snuggle sesh

Cuddle up on the couch with your pet and snuggle while watching a movie you can both enjoy. Turn on a dog-friendly movie like a classic, Lady and the Tramp, or Marley & Me if you want a tear-jerker. Don’t forget the snacks you baked for them and the popcorn for you!

6. Visit a pet-friendly cafe/restaurant

Take a trip to a cafe or a restaurant that welcomes both of you. Bring Fido is a website dedicated to finding places to “stay, play, and eat with your dog.” Search your city and see if you can find a spot where you can both enjoy a glass (or a bowl) of water and some treats.

Dog and woman at restaurant

7. Gift your dog some new toys

Everybody loves presents, even dogs. Especially dogs. Get them a squishy toy to tear into or toss a ball around outside with them if the weather permits. Either way, get them some new toys to play with! You can even make them fun and festive for Valentine’s Day. 

8. Volunteer together

What better way to celebrate love than to share it with others? There are charity walks that you can bring your dog to, or you could even start the process of having your furry friend be a therapy dog to help bring joy to others, too. Another way to volunteer together is to foster a dog in need. Your dog could have a friend of their own! There are so many ways to volunteer together.

Do you think you’ll take your pup on any of these Valentine’s Day activities? Which idea is your favorite? Let us know @zozospaw

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