Written by Ginelle Testa


Some dogs may love the rain, others not so much. Regardless, you probably don’t want a muddy dog in your house! To minimize outdoor time on a rainy April day, here are 10 activities you could do with your pooch.


1. Have them chase bubbles

Many dogs love to jump and chomp on bubbles. It can keep them entertained for a while and can give you a good laugh, and maybe even a funny video to post online. Make sure to get a bubble mix that’s safe and nontoxic!



2. Give them a spaw day

Give your pup a bath, especially if they’ve been out in the rain and mud! You can trim their nails if they allow it or even paint them if you’re feeling particularly creative. Enjoy a spaw day with them!



3. Make homemade treats

If you have some extra time on your hands, you could get baking to make your dog some homemade treats. These vegan dog treats only have three ingredients. It’ll be fun for you and they’ll enjoy the final product!


4. Have them use a dog lick mat

Dog lick mats have so many benefits! Some benefits are reducing anxiety, combatting boredom, and helping your furry friend slow down during meal time. You can add your own dog-friendly treats to make it even better like peanut butter!


5. Teach your dog some fun new tricks

Maybe you’ve always wanted your dog to learn to roll over or give paw. Why not take this rainy day as an opportunity to train them to do some fun new tricks? Here’s a YouTube video on teaching tricks that may seem difficult but aren’t. 


6. Play hide and seek

Not only can hide and seek with your dog be fun, it can be great exercise for both of you. It may even help them get some zoomies out after being stuck inside! Plus you can try out those tricks you’re teaching them (like stay!).

7. Turn on doggy tv

Search “doggy tv” on YouTube and you’ll see hours worth of shows just for your furry friend! Or, DOGTV is a channel entirely for dogs with scientifically created content. You can do some parallel play by opening a book or getting some work done while your dog is watching their show. 



8. Have a play date

What a better time to invite a friend and their dog over than a rainy day? You can have a cup of tea with your pal while the doggy pals play. You’ll both enjoy the company.


9. Have a photography session

You can set up a whole photoshoot with your dog. Get creative with tablecloths around the house for a background. Check out Pinterest for prop and theme ideas. 



10. Cuddle up and watch a movie

If you want to watch something with your doggo, you can put on a movie, grab a blanket and some popcorn, and cuddle up to watch a movie. As a bonus, it can be a movie with a dog in it that might also be interesting to your pooch!


Do you think you’ll do any of these rainy day activities? Which idea is your favorite? Let us know @zozospaw

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