Written by: Ginelle Testa (and five awesome pups!)


Are you ready for unconditional love and endless cuddles? National Adopt a Pet Day is your chance to give a shelter animal a furrever home and change their life for the better.

According to the ASPCA, Roughly 6.5 million animals enter shelters each year. That’s a lot of furry friends that need homes! About half of those are dogs. By adopting a pet, you not only save the life of the pet that you welcome into your family, but also free up space and resources for another pet to take their spot, so that they may find their forever home, too.  

At ZoZo’s Paw, we’re excited to share some of our brand ambassadors that were adopted from shelters. Here are the stories of five rescue pups, as told from their point of view! 


Rescued Just In Time - Meet Ernie

Hi, it's me, Ernie! I'm a rescue who was lucky enough to find my forever home through Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, after being saved from a high-kill shelter in rural North Carolina.  I was recommended to my human by the adoption coordinator, after they received word that if I didn’t get out by the weekend, I would have been euthanized. Thank goodness my human found me just in time!

I love howling along to fire truck sirens, and my long tail sometimes hits me in the face when I get excited. I also enjoy posing for the camera and wearing silly hats and outfits – because why not?! 

If you're considering adopting, be patient and open-minded. My human didn’t go into her research with too many expectations, she just knew she wanted to give a dog a good home. Also, when you bring your pup home, give them time to decompress and get use to their new environment. Remember that it's a lifetime commitment to love and care for a dog like me.

Follow Ernie on Instagram: @theerniegram

Ernie was adopted from:  Lucky Dog Animal Rescue@dcluckydog


Love at FURst Sight - Meet Birdie

Hi, I’m Birdie! I was adopted from Coco's Heart Dog Rescue by a fantastic family who fell in love with me at FURst sight. My family had volunteered with this rescue before they looked to adopt, so I’m pretty sure it was fate!

I have a big personality and love giving cuddles and getting treats, especially blueberries! I like  standing like a meerkat to get a whiff of what’s cooking or to position myself for chest scratches – because both yummy smells and getting love is very important!  I also have a cat brother that I love playing soccer with, even though we don’t know what soccer is. 

My best advice for those looking to adopt would be to do it!  Adopt a dog from a reputable rescue organization, and one that has guidelines that you’re comfortable with. There are so many dogs that need homes and you can help make that happen by adopting!

Follow Birdie on Instagram:  @little_birdie_dog

Birdie was adopted from:  Coco's Heart Dog Rescue, @cocosheartdogrescue


When a Dog’s Head in the Lap Wins Hearts - Meet Odin

I'm Odin, a male blue Great Dane rescued by my forever family. They fell in love with my littermate sisters from LOLA’s Rescue, and with a twist of fate, brought us together when my foster mom decided to put me up for adoption instead with my sister. When we met, I instantly fell in love with them, and made it clear that I was the one for them by plopping my head into their lap. I guess you could say the rest is history!

Since then, I've become a beloved member of the family who loves trust falling into laps and cuddling.  Also, when I’m in puppy play mode, watch out – I turn on major happy feet and floppy ears!  

If you're looking to adopt, signing up for alerts on adoptapet.com is a great option! It made it easy for my humans because they could do their research based on breed. Also, pick the personality of the dog instead of just the looks, otherwise you could really miss out on finding your pawfect match!

Follow Odin on Instagram:  @odin.god.of.cuddles

Odin was adopted from:  LOLA's Rescue, @lolasrescue


A Fur-Ever Home for Fluffy Ears & Fetch - Meet Opie and Zoey

Ruff! We're Opie and Zoey, two rescue pups from Oklahoma who now live in New Hampshire with our human family and fur siblings. We were both fortunate enough to find our fur-ever homes through Live Free Animal Rescue, after we found ourselves in a rough spot - Opie and his littermates were found in a ditch and Zoey (along with her littermates, too) were surrendered.

If you ask our humans, they will say that Opie can’t get enough of fetch (it’s his fave!) and that he has a little stance that makes him look like a superhero.  It was Zoey’s fluffy ears and her adorable prance that won their hearts. That and flopping over at their feet for belly rubs!

Our advice to anyone looking to adopt a pup is simple: just do it! There are so many pups like us out there who have so much love to give. They will be so thankful for you giving them a second chance!

Follow Opie and Zoey on Instagram:  @opies_pawesome_world

Opie and Zoey were adopted from:  Live Free Animal Rescue, @live_free_animal_rescue 


The Bougie Pandemic Pup - Meet Jack

Hi there, I'm Jack, a pandemic puppy who found his forever home on April 19th, 2020. My sister Jill and I came from a home with three young children and a single mother, but unfortunately, they were unable to give us the care we needed. Thankfully, I was taken in by Animal Rescue Matters in Long Beach, California, then adopted by my loving family.

My mom says I’m bougie – almond butter and prosciutto are my faves!  I also love howling like a wolf when fire trucks are around and I’m a huge fan of plush toys. But don’t bother giving me a ball, I won’t know what to do with it! 

If you're thinking of adopting, take the time to find the perfect match for your family and lifestyle, and don't be afraid to spoil your new furry family member with all the love they deserve.

Follow Jack on Instagram:  @jacktherescuepoo

Unfortunately, the rescue organization that Jack was adopted from has closed.


These pup stories highlight the unique and loving personalities that shelter dogs can bring into our lives. Each of these dogs found their home through rescue organizations and have become beloved members of their families. On National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, we celebrate the joy of adopting a pet and giving them a second chance at a happy life. We celebrate this today and every day!


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